Bryce Petty Diagnosed With Grade 1 MCL Sprain

rugby sprain

Bryce Petty, The Jets’ star quarterback, was diagnosed with a Grade 1 MCL tear. What does this mean?

Well, thankfully, Petty hasn’t torn any ligaments in the knee too significantly, which would have taken a long time to heal and probably have caused a recurrent issue. Having suffered a Grade 1 sprain, sustaining the least amount of damage possible to his MCL in the situation.
the Medial Collateral Ligament is a small ligament on the inner portion of our knee that provides joint stability by running from the femur to the top of the tibia. A Grade 1 tear simply means that the ligament was slightly damaged and will not require any major time off to heal. With rest, ice and elevation, and strengthening of his knee joint, Petty should be back in the game in 2 weeks at most.
As long as he follows the recommendations of a sports medicine specialist, PEtty can regain his full range of motion with physical therapy and then improve the strength of the knee with sports medicine rehabilitation, which should keep it from becoming a weak spot for him.
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