Christine Ellie, DPM Appointed Team Doctor of Brooklyn Bolts


Dr. Christine Ellie, DPM, a podiatrist at NY Bone and Joint Specialists, has been appointed as an official team doctor for the Brooklyn Bolts. The semi-professional football team will have Dr. Ellie on staff at all home games to manage any foot and ankle injuries that may occur during the course of game play. She will be the team’s foot and ankle consultant and will examine and evaluate the team when needed, as well as perform joint manipulation, splinting, and stabilization for any injury on the field.

Dr. Ellie will also offer in-office care to the Brooklyn Bolts’ players after their games for injury treatment and prevention. As a sport that requires a fast pace with sudden changes in direction, football frequently causes foot and ankle injuries. With her background in Sports Medicine, Dr. Ellie has years of experience in dealing with issues that many football players face, including turf toe, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, ligament damage, tendinitis, and stress fractures. Dr. Ellie’s responsibility is not only to treat these injuries immediately on the field or as they may arise, but to help team members target weak points in the foot and ankle and prevent injury entirely.

Dr. Ellie is extremely accomplished in using sports rehabilitation techniques to strengthen specific areas of the foot and ankle, which supports weak spots and reduces the risk of injury, allowing her patients to reach their best physical potential on the field. Should conservative treatment be insufficient to treat an injury, the Brooklyn Bolts entrust their care to Dr. Ellie for any podiatric surgery necessary. She will not only offer her expert opinion in determining if surgery is necessary, but oversee every step of their rehabilitation to ensure that they return the field with the least possible impingement to their performance.

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