Dr. Popovitz’ Expert Opinion on Anthony Injury


“The Knicks — who have a history of being vague with injuries — officially have called it a “stiff/sore right knee.” A leading orthopedist from Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Leon Popovitz, said yesterday Anthony’s symptoms could be a bone bruise. Or it could be part of a larger cartilage issue.”

Popovitz said stiffness in the back of the knee can stem from flaking of articular cartilage or a small meniscus tear that doesn’t always show up on a routine MRI exam. According to Popovitz, who is not treating Anthony, the Knicks star can play through the cartilage damage — if that’s what it is — but probably would need offseason arthroscopic knee surgery.”

-New York Post 3/7/13

Read the full New York Post story where Dr. Popovitz provided his expert orthopedic opinion on Carmelo Anthony’s knee injury.

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