How Golfers Should Handle Back Pain


With the warm weather comes the oppurtunity to get out your golf clubs. While there are few things more exciting than the return of perfect golfing weather, many will also experience the return of back pain. Professionals and weekend golfers alike often feel the aches and strains of their swing on their back and neck.

Here are a few suggestions that should make your round more enjoyable. Warm up, and I don’t mean on the putting green. Stretch, for five to seven minutes, your arms, neck, and hamstrings. Take practice swings, starting off slow to warm up the spine muscles.

When playing, practice swings should be same as your regular swings, or don’t take them. On the backswing, make sure the right knee is bent, and the left shoulder is pointing downward. This will take pressure off the spine. It is very important not to arch the back, but instead, to do a pelvic tilt (suck in the abdominal muscles). Shift the weight from right to left, don’t stop the swing, and follow through. Don’t grip the club too tight, and don’t try and kill the ball.

There will always be stress on the back, but these tips should reduce some pressure.

After the round, stretch again to avoid muscles going into spasm. Ice can be applied.

An exercise routine for golfers should include strengthening of the hip and buttock muscles, as well as all core, abdominal and lumbar paraspinal muscles.

Don’t count yourself out if you have back problems. Whether you’re suffering from disc herniationradiculopathy (sciatica)spinal stenosisarthritis (degenerative disease), or just soft tissue pain (muscle spasms), you can still enjoy golf.
There may be times you will need to be evaluated by a specialist to arrive at a proper diagnosis, and treatment protocols.

– Michael Y. Mizhiritsky, MD

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