Mark Teixeira’s Bone Bruise: He May Be Out For Season


The Yankees’ first baseman and most productive hitter continues to suffer severe pain as a result of an orthopedic bone bruise to his tibia (shin bone). He tried to return and started a game on Aug. 25th (eight days after his injury). He then pinch hit during the following game, but since then he has been unable to return to play. Recent further medical testing revealed good news that there was no evidence of a complete fracture. Unfortunately, the testing also revealed no evidence of his bone bruise healing.

As mentioned in my previous article, bone bruises may take months to fully heal. Some players experience significantly diminished pain sooner and can return to play during the healing but many have pain throughout the healing process. In fact, one study confirmed that the average healing time for bone bruises is 42 weeks.

Sports medicine treatment for this injury, typically, consists of limited weight bearing, rest, ice and physical therapy to maintain strength and range of motion. One study found that medications called  bisphosphonates may help. These are medications such as Fosamax that are typically used to treat osteoporisis. They may be helpful in accelerating healing and diminishing pain.

If Teixeira is still experiencing such significant pain at this stage, it is reasonable to assume he will continue to have pain for many more weeks and, potentially, miss the remaining month of the season. There is still hope that his pain would lessen enough to return for some part of the playoffs depending how far the Yankees go with out him

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