NY Bone And Joint Specialists Appear On WCBS


Dr. Leon E. Popovitz and Dr. Michael Y. Mizhiritsky, co-founders of NY Bone and Joint Specialists, spoke about the importance of preserving our joints as part of the CBS American Health Front program, which focuses on the top healthcare providers and techniques today.


Dr. Popovitz explains that we are born with a certain amount of cartilage and structural material that is integral to the stability of our joints. After just a single injury, such as an ACL tear, these structures begin to deteriorate much more quickly than usual and will cause more problems and pain throughout your lifetime. Seeking the proper treatment from experienced sports medicine orthopedists is crucial to preserving the joints that we will use throughout our life. In the case of an ACL tear, the ligaments that are essential for moving your knee will become compromised and can cause more severe injuries and pain if you continue your athletic lifestyle without following a proper treatment plan. This is especially important for younger people who will see deterioration and orthopeidc issues in their joints much earlier than normal after sustaining an injury to any area of the body.

Dr. Mizhiritsky adds that the joints of our spine are no different. People are experiencing back and neck pain at much younger ages because very common tasks, like sitting at a desk, can be quite harmful to the discs that exist between our vertebrae. if they are compromised, a myriad of problems can arise as the spine becomes misaligned and spinal nerves are compressed.

If you have any orthopedic issue or want to learn more about preserving your joints and avoiding pain and injuries, you can schedule a consult with Dr. leon E. Popovitz or Dr. Michael Y. Mizhiritsky. Being proactive about joint health and preservation can mean a longer active lifestyle.

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