Resolutions For Joint Health

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Each New Year, it is common to make resolutions. Common resolutions include lifestyle changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or running a marathon. These are all commendable changes. Why not make 2017 the year you become serious about your bone and joint health? We are given one body to use – and while joints and other parts can be replaced, it is best to treat your body right and to be proactive when it comes to your joints. Here are some ways to promote your own bone and joint health in the new year:

Improve Your Diet

Your diet affects every area of your health, including your bones and joints. Some foods can suppress unnecessary inflammatory responses, so are ideal for those with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. Some foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins that promote bone health and joint strength. Consider adding supplements to shore up the areas of your diet that may not provide the amount you need of certain vitamins or nutrients.

Start Exercising – Smart Exercising

Regular exercise is of course going to be good for you. Some common exercises, such as running or lifting, can cause more wear and tear on your joints than other exercises. This does not necessarily mean you have to stop these exercises completely; however, if you do notice pain or discomfort commonly while running or lifting, go to an orthopedic specialist and get an expert opinion. Even if you do not feel pain while running or lifting, or other high-impact exercises, consider changing your routine up and adding a low-impact exercise as well. Good examples are yoga, or swimming.

Get Good Sleep

Make sure you stay aware of the amount and quality of you sleep. Sleep is the way our body rests and recharges. If you are suffering from low sleep, it can build up and make you more than tired, it can make you weak and more susceptible to injury or illness. There are many sleep tracker apps or devices out there that can track both the amount you sleep, and how deep you are sleeping.

Go To A Doctor

If you are ever unsure about how your bone and joint health is, or if you are experiencing common aches, pains, or discomfort in one or more of your extremities and joints, do not hesitate to see an orthopedic specialist or physiatrist. It is always best to get an exam if you have reason to suspect an injury. Especially with joint conditions, the longer they go on, the more likely it is for the condition to worsen and any damage to increase.


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