Supplements for Bone Health

Supplements for Bone Health

You work out and watch what you eat, you visit the doctor for annual checkups and take your daily vitamin, but do you pay attention to your bone health? Whether you’re a young athlete prone to injury or starting to feel your age in your joints, we all need to be aware of how healthy our bones are. Drinking milk and exercising isn’t always enough. As we age or we wear at our bones through injury and daily activity, our bones can become brittle. We need special nutrients, like calcium and vitamin D-3, to keep our bones from losing mass and to prevent orthopedic injuries. The truth is, while foods and beverages may be packed with calcium and nutrients we need, they don’t come in forms that our bodies can easily absorb so you still aren’t getting enough. You should incorporate at least one simple supplement into your daily routine to keep your bones from wearing out and causing pain or problems down the road. Here are some of the best supplements for keeping your bones healthy, chosen by the NY Bone and Joint Specialists.

Vitamin D-3 Supplement. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D-3 and that’s because it’s not found in very many foods. It’s perhaps the most essential vitamin for bone health because it helps us absorb the calcium we get inform our regular diets.

Vitamin K2. This is a natural vitamin often found in green vegetables that we usually don’t eat nearly enough of! Vitamin K2 helps stimulate protein production for our bones and we should be eating about 1,000 micrograms a day to maintain healthy bone mass.

Calcium and Magnesium. We know how important Calcium is for our bones, but most people don’t know that the Calcium we are getting from all our dairy foods cannot be absorbed by our bodies. It’s very important to take Calcium supplements made for easy absorption. Without Magnesium, Calcium will not work to its full potential in our bodies. We need both nutrients to help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis.

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