Why Do I Have Shoulder Bursitis?

shoulder bursitis

You don’t have to be a pro pitcher or weekend warrior to get shoulder bursitis. Chances are, you will start feeling pain without knowing what caused it. So how did you end up with shoulder bursitis and what does this mean?

Bursae are jelly-like sacs that act as buffers between tissues as we move our bodies. When these sacs are irritated or damaged, they become inflamed which is referred to as bursitis.

Overusing or straining your shoulder is the most common way to irritate the bursa between the tissues in your joint, making shoulder bursitis a very common orthopedic condition. Of course, constantly throwing a ball or swinging a bat is an easy way to overuse your shoulder, but everyday activities like lifting groceries or picking up your child can cause shoulder bursitis as well.

Fortunately, shoulder bursitis is usually treatable with simple physical therapy exercises and can return back to normal in just a few months. However, continuing to perform your daily tasks without consulting an orthopedist and following through on your treatment will only make the condition worsen.

Oftentimes, patients will be unaware of what exactly they are doing to cause shoulder bursitis, and therefore their shoulder pain will flare up even after periods of feeling fine. It’s important to get a diagnosis from your orthopedic surgeon so you can take the proper treatment steps. Seeing a physical therapists and practicing just a few at home exercises is usually enough to relieve pain for mild cases. You can also discuss with your doctor how to properly perform everyday tasks, like lifting your laundry or holding your baby, to prevent future flare ups.

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