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Jheng-Kai Shih (Nathan), DPT



Jheng-Kai Shih (Nathan), DPT received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from New York University, as well as a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from National Taiwan University. Since 2012, Nathan has been practicing in various settings and for different populations, where he treats most musculoskeletal disorders and provides post-surgical care. His clinical philosophy is patient-centric, believing treatment starts with the person and not the symptom.

Nathan’s skill sets include Cyriax-based manual techniques, blood flow restriction training for pre-op or post-op conditions, biomechanical analysis, Kinesio Taping techniques, vestibular rehabilitation and fall prevention program. He was also a wellness instructor for the Taipei City Government, working with the annual project to perform community health promotion for local communities of senior citizens. As a part of this program, Nathan led group exercise classes, lectures, and fitness screening events in order to identify individuals who have higher risks of falls. 

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