Dr. Popovitz Discusses 49ers Deebo Samuel’s Shoulder Injury


After suffering from a shoulder injury last year, 49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel is making what appears to be a strong recovery. Dr. Leon Popovitz was asked by Newsweek to weigh in on Samuel’s progress.

“Hairline fractures can be a lot of different descriptions,” Popovitz told Newsweek during a phone interview. “It could be a real fracture, where the bone breaks through, or it’s just kind of like a little tiny, little crack precursor to a full fracture. And football players, because of the concept of trauma, will get a lot of those kind of hairline fractures or microfractures. But if he has fully healed and he has returned to play and he suffered a re-injury, that’s probably just because of the pain because it’s such a sensitive area. That bone is kind of returning…”

Read more of Dr. Popovitz’s insights on Thuney’s injury in the full Newsweek article by clicking here.

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