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New York Bone & Joint Specialists is proud to be an authority on the treatment of the shoulder, knee, hip, pelvis, back and neck.


New York Bone & Joint Specialists is a community led by exemplary doctors in the fields of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation. We specialize in everything from the most conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, to the most complex orthopedic surgery.

Our highly experienced orthopedic surgeons and doctors are respected within each of their fields of expertise, and are committed to providing exemplary care to each and every patient.

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Patient Reviews

  • “On the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Dr. Mizhiritsky for another opinion/evaluation for my diagnosed cervical radiculopathy …
    Posted by Daniel Gelb
  • “Surgery is never a light subject and it is very difficult to find a surgeon and a surgical team that …
    Posted by Hannah Kozlenko
  • zocdoc.png
    “I went to Dr. Mizhiritsky for the first time this week and I have to say I was quite impressed …
    Posted by Jack S.

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