Patient Stories

Putting patients first has always been our motto. As a result, we’ve received many great reviews across the internet. We’ve included a small sampling of them below, along with the website or source where it was listed.
Hannah K., Patient of Dr. Leon Popovitz

“Surgery is never a light subject and it is very difficult to find a surgeon and a surgical team that treats the patient with respect and comforts them before and after the operation. Dr. Popovitz is one of those rare orthopedic surgeons, and I am so very grateful to him and his team for how they took care of me. I needed to undergo a surgical operation to repair the cartilage in my left shoulder, and I was scared and worried going into it — but when the operation actually happened I was so relieved. Everyone is so nice and helpful and Dr. Popovitz visited me multiple times to ensure I was ok (which a lot of surgeons don’t do because of their busy schedules). I was very grateful for that and felt as if I was not just a patient, but a person. All I can say is that if you need an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Popovitz is the one to go to.”

Posted by Hannah Kozlenko
on Jul 24, 2018
Nicholas Valle, Patient of Dr. Leon Popovitz

“Dr. Popovitz is an incredible surgeon. He was extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. He took great care to follow my recovery process and was always there when I had a question and needed information. His assistant is top-notch as well — she was always on hand to assist me with forms for work and physical therapy. Wonderful and courteous.”

Posted by Nicholas Valle
on Jun 15, 2018
Roberto S., Patient of Dr. Popovitz

Dr. Popovitz is very courteous, kind, and professional. I actually went to him for a second opinion and ended up leaving with him as my primary doctor. Dr. Popovitz explained everything regarding my knee issue with utmost attention to detail and was very thorough in addressing my questions. His staff is friendly and competent. I am glad I found Dr. Popovitz and highly recommend him.”

Posted by Roberto S.
on Jun 13, 2018
Daniel Gelb, Patient of Dr. Mizhiritsky

“On the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Dr. Mizhiritsky for another opinion/evaluation for my diagnosed cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve in spine in neck). He was knowledgeable and clear. He answered all my questions and made useful recommendations. In short, I got just what I came for.”

Posted by Daniel Gelb
on Jun 06, 2018
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