Dr. Popovitz Weighs in on Chiefs Guard Joey Thuney’s Injury


After it was announced that Chiefs Guard Joey Thuney would be sitting out of Super Bowl gameplay due to a pectoral injury, Newsweek asked Dr. Leon Popovitz of New York Bone and Joint Specialists to weigh in on the issue.

When asked about the consequences of playing with a pectoral strain, Dr. Popovitz said, “So, if the MRI does not show a full avulsion, a full tear off the bone, then much, much of the issue will be pain tolerance. If there’s some partial tearing or kind of interstitial tearing like in the belly of the muscle itself, then they’ll probably have some level of weakness or not have the same level of strength. But, again, if it’s not fully torn off, even if there is some partial tearing, it should heal in time…”

Read more of Dr. Popovitz’s insights on Thuney’s injury in the full Newsweek article by clicking here.

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