Odell Beckham’s Recurring Ankle Injury

ankle injury

Odell Beckham had to leave practice early this week after aggravating an old ankle injury. Beckham sustained an ankle sprain during the season opener in Dallas. Since healing, he’s reported pain in the area that has interfered with his performance.

Because ankle sprains are such a common injury, many do not realize how vital physical rehabilitation is to healing properly. During an ankle sprain, the ligaments supporting the entire ankle are torn to a mild degree. Since the ankle bears the entire weight of the body during even the simplest tasks, such as walking, these ligaments may not heal entirely even once pain has subsided and range of motion in the ankle is restored.

This is why ankle sprains occur so much more frequently after an initial injury. Physical therapy can help not only increase blood flow, limit pain, and promote healing of the ligaments, but strengh=then the ankle and calf muscles as well. This will make the ankle more resistant to future injuries.

Odell Beckham should be working on his weak spot with a professional sports rehabilitation specialist. This means he will be strengthening his ankle so he is at optimal performance levels for games to come.

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