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Sports medicine rehabilitation is a subspecialty of orthopedics (the branch of medicine that corrects deformities of bones and muscles) that focuses on the rehabilitation of injuries caused by athletic activity. The goal of treatment is to decrease patients’ pain and rehabilitate their injury so they can return to their sport quickly, safely and with the same level of skill as they had prior to their injury. Like many physical therapists, doctors specializing in sports medicine often play a variety of sports themselves and are specially trained to identify the needs that are critical to an athlete’s recovery.  At NY Bone and Joint, our physical therapists and sports medicine doctors work closely with each other to ensure proper continuity of care and excellent results in each patient’s recovery and return to sport.


Sports medicine rehabilitation can be beneficial to anyone that has suffered from an exercise or sport related injury or exercise induced condition— whether that be a little leaguer, a professional athlete or an avid gym-goer. A variety of sports-related injuries and conditions may require sports medicine rehabilitation as part of the recovery process. Some of these injuries and conditions include:


During your first sports medicine rehabilitation session you will be given a comprehensive injury assessment to determine the cause of injury. Some injuries are brought on by overuse or poor mechanics while others are a result of a trauma, such as a collision or fall. Your healthcare provider will ask you questions about your medical history and discuss your rehabilitation and sports performance goals.

After your initial assessment is complete, you will be given a treatment plan. At first you may need to come in for rehabilitation sessions two or three times a week but over time as your condition improves, sessions will likely taper down to once a week. The length of rehabilitation varies based on each individual’s needs and the cause and type of injury.

In addition to your weekly sessions, you will be given a personalized therapeutic exercise program to be done at home. It is important that you follow this program carefully as it is designed to help you get back into shape for peak performance. You will also be given information that will help you to avoid re-injury.

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