Can Playing Video Games Make You An Arthroscopic Surgeon?

video gaming

Do your kids play video games as much as mine? Do you wonder if there is any purpose or benefit to it? Well, according to a recent study out of the Arthroscopy Journal, playing video games may be able to make someone a better Arthroscopist.

The study compared the performance of 30 (thirty) people, with no experience in arthroscopic surgery, conducting three different tasks utilizing a virtual reality knee arthroscopy with various 2- and 3-dimensional video games. Questionnaires were utilized, as well as actual performance in five different video games in various categories and 2 different platforms.

The findings revealed definitive correlation between the knee arthroscopy simulator and video game performance, in addition to experiences. In particular, the greatest correlations were found in the activity of “catching or hooking” 6 foreign bodies with the dribbling of a ball and a shooting game. Meniscus resection correlated with a tile-matching puzzle game.

The authors stated that even though the arthroscopy performance did not correlate with 2-dimensional video game skills, there were some correlation with 2-dimensional puzzle games. The highest correlation was with the 3-dimensional sports and shooting video games. Their conclusion was that experienced and good 3-dimensional gamers are better arthroscopists than the inexperienced and poor gamers.

So, don’t be so upset at your kids spending too much time playing video games. They may be preparing themselves for a career in Arthroscopic Surgery.

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