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Orthopedic Urgent Care


Orthopedic injuries are common in accidents, sports, and daily activities. You may suffer a sprainfracturetearjoint dislocation or pain. All of these injuries require appropriate treatment and extra-care. New York Orthopedic Urgent Care is a unique urgent care division of New York Bone and Joint Specialists, which specializes in providing immediate orthopedic care to individuals with emergency orthopedic conditions. At New York Orthopedic Urgent Care, we offer specialized treatment for patients who have a musculoskeletal injury or condition that requires urgent orthopedic attention. When an injury or pain occurs, you can feel confident knowing that the world class care of NY Orthopedic Urgent Care is immediately available. Moreover, primary care doctors and general urgent care practices throughout New York City and the Tri-State area partner with us to utilize our services routinely for their patients with orthopedic injuries. If you have a primary care doctor then we will communicate with that doctor and work together with them to provide complete, efficient and detailed care.


  • Immediate access to a licensed orthopedic health care provider
  • Avoid long waits at the overcrowded emergency room
  • Immediate access to modern diagnostic services and the most advanced technology
  • Far less expensive than a visit to the Emergency Room
  • 2 Convenient NYC Locations (Midtown & Upper East Side)


Our Orthopedic Specialists are well-experienced and specialize in treating various orthopedic injuries of every body part including:

Our staff is dedicated to helping our patients obtain a prompt and expert diagnosis, as well as specialized treatment that is state-of-the-art. You will find the most advanced technology and a wide range of orthopedic expertise and services at NY Orthopedic Urgent Care.


Orthopedists at New York Bone & Joint are highly skilled in treating numerous sports injuries, including:

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