Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation does not focus on the treatment of one particular area of the body, but rather aims to allow the body to perform at its optimal level as a whole. Physical medicine & rehabilitation physiatrists at New York Bone and Joint Specialists will treat most non-operative orthopedic injuries and diseases, or abnormalities that interfere with the function of multiple body systems. These include the muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems. Since these body components all work together to allow for normal body function, they often are impaired at the same time, affecting the health of the body altogether.

Rehabilitating the body combines the health of all areas of life, including the social, emotional, and physical states of wellbeing. Taking all variables into consideration allows a physiatrist to diagnose what could be multiple causes of pain and develop individualized treatment plans that allow a patient’s body to move and feel as well as possible.


Physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors are most skilled in treating:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Spinal pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Nerve abnormalities
  • Tissue damage
  • Joint pain and damage


The experienced physiatrists at New York Bone and Joint Specialists are experts in a number of specific Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation fields:

  • Sports Medicine – The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports injuries.
  • EMG & Nerve Conduction Studies – Electrodiagnostic testing is a diagnostic test that locates nerve function problems.
  • Spine and Neck Care – Treating pain originating from everyday use to trauma or disease.
  • Women Muscle, Joint, and Pelvic Pain – Women, specifically pregnant women, are especially susceptible to pelvic pain and often have different, more complicated sources of pain than men.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy – A nonsurgical method that requires re-injection of one’s own blood platelets into damaged areas to stimulate healing.
  • Pain Management Injections – Minimally invasive injections of medication, usually corticosteroids, which relieve pain in afflicted areas.


The treatment of back and neck conditions is one of the core focuses of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists. The expert physiatrists at NY Bone and Joint Specialists are experienced in treating:


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation takes a multi-faceted approach to diagnosing and treating ailments, since they may originate from a wide variety of physical issues. At New York Bone and Joint Specialists, we specialize in a number of treatments that may be used separately or in conjunction with each other. Physical therapy usually provides the safest, most effective path towards optimal body movement. Our skilled physical medicine & rehabilitation specialists will discuss possible treatments with their patients extensively, which will include minimally invasive, non-surgical, treatments such as:

Physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors will often treat patients with diseases or debilitating injuries that cannot be cured. The purpose of the field is to restore as much function, comfort, and mobility as possible to an individual. It is often the case though, that a treatment plan will successfully correct injuries or abnormalities, and can then be prevented in the future.


Orthopedists at New York Bone & Joint are highly skilled in treating numerous sports injuries, including:

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