Acetaminophen’s Effectiveness on Back Pain


Dr. Michael MizhiritskyPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, and co-founder of NY Bone and Joint Specialistsin New York City was interviewed by HealthDay for his expert opinion on a recent study which said  that “Acetaminophen May Not Help Against Back Pain.”

“Everyone involved in the study received ongoing ‘good-quality advice and reassurance,’ which appears to be a big factor in recovery,” said Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, a physiatrist and specialist in pain relief at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

“In my opinion, positive reinforcement about treatments — including medications and physical therapy in the management of low back pain is vital to a quicker and successful recovery,” he added.

Read the Dr. Mizhiritsky’s comments and the full article regarding the study here on

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