Avoid Lower Back Pain While Biking

biking low back pain

Nothing beats long bike rides throughout the fall months. However, hours spent in a bike seat can lead to some lower back pain. Here’s how to quickly deal with lumbar spine aches and pains so you can keep biking this season.

Use Proper Posture

Make sure your back is arched slightly outward. Your arms should not be able to extend with locked elbows, they need to be slightly bent. You should also visit a bike shop to have your seat fitted to your height.

Strengthen Your Core

Your core muscles need to be strong in order to support your spinal column, including your hips and pelvis. Consider yoga or Pilates, just a few sessions a week will significantly strengthen your core and improve overall balance and alignment.

Apply Ice and Heat

If your low back is already feeling sore, apply ice for 15 minutes on and off to reduce pain. You can then use heat to relax any tension in the lumbar muscles.

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