Dr. Mizhiritsky Interviewed by Edmunds.com


Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation doctor at NY Bone and Joint Specialists in New York City, was interviewed by Edmunds online car shopping magazine for his expert opinion on “Car Features for Drivers with Back Pain.”

The folowing is an excerpt from the article:

If you have back pain, avoid sport seats, says Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, a physiatrist and attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Sport seats are close-fitting bucket seats designed to keep drivers in place during twists and turns, and they’re commonly found in sports cars. Their generous side bolstering can be uncomfortably intrusive for drivers with sore backs, and can make ingress and egress challenging and painful.

Choose a vehicle with seats that strike the right balance between firmness and pliability. “The ideal seat is not too soft, not too hard,” Mizhiritsky says. The older the car, the more likely that the seat has gotten softer, which is not ideal for back comfort, he says. “We sink in, and as we sink in, the muscles, with time, can weaken.”

“When the seat is too hard, we tend to arch our backs and this puts a strain on our backs as well,” Mizhiritsky says.

Read the full article here at Edmunds.com: Car Features for Drivers with Back Pain

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