Rafael Nadal Overcomes Knee Injury With PRP Therapy To Win The US Open 2017

rafael nadal winning the US open

Rafael Nadal, one of the world’s top tennis players, has made it back into a Grand Slam final after two years of struggling with knee and wrist injuries.

Last week Nadal proved he is back at the top of his game by winning the entire Men’s US Open, defeating Kevin Anderson in three straight sets.
Nadal has dealt with sudden wrist injuries prior to 2016. He has twisted it simply by performing a wrong movement when returning the ball. He has expressed much more concern over his knee injuries, which were long lasting and chronic, sidelining him for years.
Many wondered how he was able to perform with such pain in his knee, especially on clay and grass surfaces, which put much more strain on the joint. Along with over 6 months of physical therapy, Nadal also received PRP therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy takes a sample of one’s own blood and re-injects a concentrated solution of its healing agents back into the damaged joint. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is an innovative non-surgical treatment option for people with chronic pains, strains, and injuries. Once injected into the injured area, the platelet-rich plasma has been shown to positively affect healing and rehabilitation.
With the help of his therapists, Nadal worked on recovering from his knee injuries for over a year. Incredibly, he is now moving as though he were in his twenties again. His hard work paid off when he took home the 2017 US Open Championship after an impressive match against Kevin Anderson.
Michael Y. Mizhiritsky, MD, expert physiatrist, top back and neck doctor and co-founder of New York Bone and Joint Specialists, has applied PRP injection therapy to many patients in New York and New Jersey.
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