Running Injuries: Iliopsoas Syndrome

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Runners often experience hip pain and one common cause is Iliopsoas Syndrome. This condition refers to tendonitis in the group of iliopsoas muscles that connect the hip and lower back. Often, runners experience groin pain from Iliopsoas Syndrome without knowing which muscles are causing the pain. Because the iliopsoas muscles are in such a crucial area where more serious injuries can occur, it’s important to visit an orthopedist who specializes in hip conditions, like the renowned Dr. Rupesh Tarwala, to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
Runners can frequently overuse their hip muscles, causing the tendons attached to the iliopsoas muscles to inflame. This can cause mild to severe pain when running and even a “popping” sound when moving. This distinctive sound is the reason Iliopsoas Syndrome is often dubbed Snapping Hip Syndrome. While pain in the groin may be mild or even non-existent, failing to treat iliopsoas Syndrome can have negative effects on the lower back. If the tendons are continuously aggravated, they can pull at the lumbar spine and the attached muscles, straining them.
After your orthopedist orders X rays of the hip to rule out any damage to the hip joint, he can assess your levels of pain to recommend the best treatments. Some runners will hear snapping but feel hardly any pain. In these cases, rest and physical therapy can correct the syndrome. Stretches are crucial for relieving inflammation in the area and strengthening will help the iliopsoas tendons from becoming irritated on future runs. For runners who do not respond to physical therapy, a corticosteroid injection is often very effective in relieving inflammation and returning to a symptom-free run.

Rehab and physical therapy after surgery is very important to return full strength and range of motion of the joint to return to preinjury level of sports activities.

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