The Many Reasons Not to Delay Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is the best way to reduce orthopedic pain, yet many people delay it, causing even more problems. Learn why it’s important to start your physical therapy as soon as possible.

Maybe you sprained your shoulder reaching for an item on a shelf. Or you wrenched your knee playing basketball. Perhaps you’re coping with the pain of arthritis. Whatever the reason, your joint is aching. You’re hoping the pain goes away, but after days or maybe weeks, you’re still in pain. Perhaps you’ve thought about physical therapy, but wonder if the time commitment and expense is worth it.

Physical therapy is one the most effective methods to treat orthopedic injuries. Once you start, you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately. But putting off physical therapy can put you at a definite disadvantage in overcoming your pain. So let’s go over the reasons why it’s a bad idea to delay physical therapy so you can better understand why you should start it right away.

6 reasons to start physical therapy now

Physical therapy is a series of guided exercises aimed at strengthening your muscles, improving joint mobility, and reducing discomfort. At All Sports Physical Therapy, a physical therapist will customize a program based on your particular injury, whether it be to the spine, shoulder, or back, goals, and physical restrictions. But that individual program can’t begin until you start physical therapy. Here’s why it’s beneficial to start your PT as soon as possible:

Less pain. The longer you hold off on physical therapy, the more pain you’ll feel. By strengthening your muscles and increasing the range of motion of the joint, your pain and stiffness will be greatly reduced. Since pain can affect your emotions, you’ll be in a much better mood, too.

Less likelihood that the condition will worsen. Most serious orthopedic injuries don’t get better with time alone. If you delay, the muscles lose strength and the joint will continue to stiffen. By getting treatment as soon as you suffer the injury, your chances of a successful outcome increase.

Less dependence on pain medication. To alleviate the pain of an orthopedic injury, it’s common to reach for over-the-counter pain medications. While those medications temporarily relieve pain, they are not a long-term solution. Physical therapy is.

Less chance of surgery. Before any surgery is considered, your orthopedist will recommend physical therapy as a way to treat and possibly reverse your condition. If the physical therapy program works, you won’t need an operation, saving you pain, money, and recovery time. But if you delay physical therapy, your only option may be surgery.

Less expensive. The cost of physical therapy sessions can add up. But the sooner you start, the fewer sessions you’ll need to reach your goal. That means fewer out-of-pocket expenses. It also means you won’t need costly surgery.

Less time away from your normal activities. To cope with the pain, you’ve probably taken time off from work or avoided exercise. You may even have trouble doing everyday tasks as a result of your orthopedic injury. But why stop doing what you enjoy? Physical therapy will help you feel stronger and more flexible so you can function as you did before without pain. The goal of physical therapy is to get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

And remember! Physical therapy isn’t only done in an office. The physical therapists at All Sports will create a physical therapy program you can do at home too to accelerate your recovery even more. Any physical therapy plan will start slowly and gradually move forward as you build up strength so you can get back on your feet (literally and figuratively) as soon as possible.

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Whether you need physical therapy to recover from an injury or from surgery, All Sports Physical Therapy can get you back to living your best life. We’ll tailor a program for your individual needs and carry out that plan with care and expertise. Contact us today for a consultation.

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