Can Bones And Joints Really Predict Rain?

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Many patients of New York Bone and Joint Specialists claim that they can feel a rain storm coming on in their bones, especially those with arthritis. In fact, it is scientifically proven that a large percentage of people with weakened bones or joints will feel an aching or throbbing prior to a change in weather.

While the exact reason for this phenomenon is still unclear, it is almost certain that our joints react to the barometric pressure of the atmosphere outside. When the weather changes, air pressure changes, and it tends to drop significantly before a rain storm. Why? we’re not sure, but orthopedists and researchers have an imperfect theory.
All of our joints are filled with synovial fluid. Besides providing a slippery atmosphere so that our joints can move without any friction. With this change in barometric pressure, your fluids and the tissues filled with fluids in your body swell.
Often this swelling can irritate arthritic or injured/inflamed joints. While this would explain why those with arthritis feel pain with a change in weather, it does not completely explain why someone with a break or fracture may also experience pain or throbbing or why there is a small percentage of arthritis patients who do not react to weather changes at all. Hopefully, future research will shed more light on this decades old mystery.
Patients who do experience increased pain may find relief with ice or over the counter anti-inflammatories. Physical therapy is the most conservative and often most effective way to prevent painful symptoms of arthritis.
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