How Did I Tear My Meniscus?

meniscous tear

You don’t have to be an avid athlete to be diagnosed with a torn meniscus. Often times patients don’t remember what may have caused an injury before the onset of pain. So why is it so common to tear a meniscus and what does this mean for your knee?

We have two menisci in each of our knees. They are c-shaped pieces of cartilage that line the front and back of our knee joint, providing a cushion between the femur and tibia. A simple twist to your knee joint can tear at this cartilage, causing mild to severe damage. Tripping or twisting your knee while your foot is planted in one spot can cause a mild tear that can be treated with ice and taping and heal with rest in 1 to 2 weeks. As we age, our cartilage wears down, making it harder to heal a torn meniscus. Tears can then be treated with physical therapy, but may reoccur without following a steady regimen. Severe impact to the knee can cause pieces of the meniscus to completely tear from the bone and even get caught in the joint space. This will require surgery and physical therapy for recovery.

A tear that goes untreated will only get worse and lead to more severe pain and future injuries. It’s important to see an orthopedist as soon as you experience pain in your knee.

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