How Shoulder Replacements Work

shoulder replacements

Wondering exactly what happens during a shoulder replacement? Here’s how your orthopedic surgeon can restore your damaged, injured shoulder joint.

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. The ball part is the upper part of the arm bone (humerus), which moves on the shallow socket part which is in the shoulder blade (scapula). The articular cartilage that covers the bony ends provides a smooth gliding surface for the joint. In arthritis, this cartilage is damaged. Arthritis can be osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or arthritis resulting from trauma, rotator cuff problems or avascular necrosis. When the conservative treatment fails surgery is recommended.

The most frequently performed shoulder replacements are total shoulder replacement, hemiarthroplasty, resurfacing hemiarthroplasty and reverse shoulder replacement. They’re used to treat different injuries.

Total shoulder replacement means replacing the damaged ball part of your shoulder joint with a metal ball attached to a stem. The damaged socket is replaced with a plastic socket. These components can be either cemented or press-fit depending on patient’s bone quality. They come in various sizes and accurate size best fitted for patient’s anatomy is selected intra-operatively.

For a reverse shoulder replacement, the metal ball is attached to your shoulder blade and the plastic socket part is attached to the stem of your upper arm bone. This procedure is performed for patients who have arthritis with massive rotator cuff tear and can’t lift their arm. The reverse shoulder replacement provides these patients pain relief and ability to lift the arm up using the deltoid muscle instead of torn an irreparable rotator cuff.

Physical therapy and a well-planned rehabilitation program is the key to getting the full range of motion and strength of your shoulder back after replacement procedures.

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