Kyle Edmund Experiences Game-Ending Back Spasm At US Open

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Kyle Edmund was forced to forfeit his position at the US Open after a terrible back spasm right in the middle of an exciting match with rising star, Denis  Shapovalov.

Back spasms are an unfortunately common ailment for everyone from the average desk worker to the elite athlete. Ironically, someone with a 9-5 desk job may start experiencing back spasms because sitting for too long, especially with improper posture, puts a great deal of strain on our backs. On the other hand, athletes like Edmund experience back and neck spasms from overusing their muscles.

This was probably the case for Edmund as he requested an exam from his physiotherapist in the middle of his third set. His trainers confirmed that he had played seven matches before arriving in Queens, NY for the US Open and was not in prime condition when he began the competition.

As a professional athlete, it’s important for Edmund to train often and constantly strengthen the muscles he relies on most during a tennis match. However, rest is just as important as training, especially after years of gameplay that takes a toll on the body. While training will help our bodies better withstand the strain of constantly playing a sport, healing is always necessary. Continuing to use tired muscles is the easiest way to lead to strains, tears, inflammation, and joint injuries.

Back spasms can occur for numerous reasons. Perhaps Edmund is experiencing tightness and inflammation from his intense schedule the past two weeks. In some cases, however, back spasms can indicate an underlying injury in the spine. Injuries such as disc herniations or nerve compression can cause chronic issues and severe pain. This is why it is important to immediately see a physiatrist when you experience any back pain for more than a day.

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