Radiofrequency Ablation: A Solution To Stubborn Back Pain

radiofrequency nerve ablation

A majority of Americans suffer from back pain and many find it hard to achieve long lasting relief. Conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications is often not enough to relieve pain and spasms for more than half of patients that suffer from chronic spine conditions. Fortunately for those with arthritis, nerve compression, or other back problems that interrupt their daily lives, there are other solutions besides having to resort to chronic medications or addictive painkillers.

Radiofrequency Ablation is a progressive new treatment that kills the source of stubborn arthritic back pain, facet joint arthritis. It works by sending an electric current through a thin needle directly into a nerve in the spine that is sending pain signals to the brain from the facet joint. This nerve may be damaged or malfunctioning, causing a chronic stream of neurons that trigger a pain response in the back. The electric current will ablate this nerve for a long period of time, stopping it from sending pain signals anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Because the procedure only requires a local anesthetic and a needle injection, it has very low risk of complication and can be repeated if the nerve regenerates.

New York Bone and Joint’s Nickhil Gupta, DO, has been successfully treating patients who cannot find relief from physical therapy or other steroid medication injections for over three years. Dr. Gupta’s patients often seek his help after dealing with back pain that keeps them from enjoying their life – many are forced to remain at home due to flare ups or interrupt their daily routine to lie down or take medications that may or may not ease the pain.

Dr. Gupta performs this minimally invasive procedure in about 30 minutes and his patients are able to immediately leave the hospital and enjoy relief. He finds that more than two thirds of his patients feel instant relief from pain and that a majority are able to return to the life they love without the fear of a sudden, painful episodes. The goal is functional improvement in their daily tasks and a reduction in the need for pain medications.

Since 2014, Dr. Gupta has treated over 260 patients with nerve ablation and has seen first hand its successes. From performing simple tasks like grocery shopping or playing with their children, to returning to a sport they love or a healthy, active lifestyle, Dr. Gupta helps his patients reclaim their life. Many of these patients report a restored ability to ambulate stand for longer periods of time, allowing them to be productive throughout the day.

If you suffer from chronic back pain you can talk to Dr. Nickhil Gupta about the many benefits of Radiofrequency Ablation:

  • Minimally Invasive – low risk of reaction or infection and much a much more conservative alternative to surgery
  • Same day outpatient procedure
  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Long term relief – Nerves usually do not recover for at least 6 months
  • Avoid medications that often cause negative side effects

Dr. Nickhil Gupta and the entire New York Bone and Joint Specialists team are dedicated to helping patients live the life they love. With in house physical therapy, the most sophisticated pain management treatments, and top rated orthopedics and sports

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