Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

hip replacement surgery

The most common question asked by patients suffering from painful bone-on-bone hip arthritis is when they can return to their normal activities after hip replacement surgery. The recovery time after hip replacement surgery is multifactorial. It can vary from 2 to 6 months. Younger patients, active patients, patients with good control and strength of muscles preoperatively, and medically healthy patients recover faster.

The usual hospital stay is 1-3 days depending on improvement with physical therapy. Patients can be discharged home or rehab depending on their progress. If you go home, you can get home PT for initial few weeks and then you go to outpatient PT. Usually you will need assisted device for walking like walker or cane for initial few weeks. Once you get good control of your muscles, you can stop using them. Majority of the patients return to their most of normal daily activities by 6-8 weeks. By 3 months, majority of patients regain their full muscular strength and endurance with proper PT guidance. Avoiding high impact activities are recommended for long term survival of hip prosthesis.

You can return to driving by 4-6 weeks depending on progress and can return early if operative side is left hip. Returning to work depends on the type of job, general health and progress with PT. Most of the patients with desk job duties return by 4-6 weeks. If you have more demanding job requiring lifting activities then it might take 3 months before you return to work. Restrictions after hip replacement depends on type of approach. Usually the restrictions are less with anterior approach hip replacement surgery (front approach).

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