Winter Injuries: Icy Slips And Falls

Winter Injuries

Winter can be a daunting time of year for the thousands of Americans who have suffered serious injury from slips or falls due to icy weather. Unfortunately, even a small slip on a patch of ice can result in an injury that can cause chronic pain or other musculoskeletal issues for a lifetime. At NY Bone and Joint, we see far too many seasonal injuries that can be avoided. Many of the most common injuries that occur due to accidents from icy conditions include:

Elderly patients are especially susceptible to injuries that cause serious damage and disability as our bones become more brittle and our tissues less able to heal as we age. Many elderly patients will have a hard time recovering from a slip or fall, so it is extremely important to avoid these accidents in the first place.

To prevent injury you can:

  • Lay down salt for deicing before and after snowfall
  • Mix sand with salt to provide more traction should you need to walk over snow or ice
  • Avoid holding any packages while walking through icy conditions
  • Always send the money to shovel if you can’t do it yourself
  • Don’t forget to hold on when entering or exiting a car, walking on stairs, and walking on slippery floors when entering a building
  • Be careful when decorating or doing housework, as this is the most common cause of accidents
  • Remember that activities like ice skating or sledding can also be dangerous

Treating injuries from slip or falls vary just as much as the severity of possible injuries does. Physical therapy is often enough to help younger patients overcome sprains, strains, or broken bones. However, elderly patients often require knee, hip, or shoulder joint replacement surgery after falls. Trauma can be rather significant for elderly patients, and the likelihood of a fall being fatal triples for individual over 70 years of age. Following prevention, seeing an orthopedic specialist is the most important step to take when it comes to winter time injuries. While injuries like tears may not cause severe pain at first, they can develop into a chronic issue that will cause more pain and injury in the future.

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