Do I Have Chronic Neck Pain?

chronic pain neck

Many of us have a sore or aching neck at the end of the day. This could be the result of a variety of things: bad posture, an uncomfortable workspace, “text-neck”, or maybe a condition leading to chronic neck pain.

Chronic neck pain differs from acute neck pain (neck pain resulting from injury, or trauma) in that it is a persistent pain, and may be caused by a chronic disease. It may be difficult to treat, or even irreversible. Treatment in this case aims to prevent pain and allowing patients to function despite a permanent condition.

If you experience chronic neck pain, especially chronic pain which is not easily managed, seek to rule out causes and find a diagnosis. A diagnosis may be found by a physical examination, imaging and X-rays, and electrodiagnostic testing. These steps are taken in order to provide a full and accurate diagnosis.

Some chronic conditions that can cause chronic neck pain are degenerative disc conditionsarthritis/osteoarthritis, a herniated or bulging disccervical spinal stenosis, or spinal cord compression.

Once a diagnosis is found, the proper treatment, or combination of, can be decided. The most common and effective treatments include physical therapymedications, or injections and nerve blocks.

A diagnosis is the first step, then, expert treatment will help you to achieve your best possible level of health.

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