How To Care For A Sprain

How To Care For A Sprain

Sprains are very common injuries; you may sprain your ankle by simply tripping over your shoelaces. Even though sprains are fairly common, they can be painful and may develop into a more severe issue down the road if not cared for properly.

Many people don’t seek medical attention for a sprain. Instead, they follow the RICE procedure. Resting, icing, and elevating your foot is key in the first 24 hours after a sprain, but you should still see an orthopedist. An orthopedist can check if there are any other injuries you may not detect, like a hairline fracture or more severe tear in the tendon. Even if you have only a sprain, this will weaken your joint and make it more susceptible to sprains going forward. Certain joints, such as your wrist, become especially vulnerable after succumbing to just one injury. Repetitive injuries can lead to much more problematic orthopedic issues in the future.

After your initial rest period, it’s very important to rehabilitate your joint. An orthopedist will be able to advise you in the best time to start a physical therapy regimen. A physical therapist will help you stretch your injured tissues so they do not scar and strengthen the muscles that support your joint. With just a brief period of guided physical therapy and by sticking to your exercises at home, your sprain will heal quickly and properly. This will help prevent severe tears to your tendon, ruptures, and other injuries that are more debilitating.

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