How To Relieve Back Pain At Your Desk

back pain from your desk

It is not uncommon for workers in office settings to sit at their desk for up to 40 hours each week, and perhaps more. If this sounds like you, you probably will also recognize the neck and back stiffness and pain that so often results from extended amounts of time spent sitting at a desk.


The most common cause of neck and back stiffness is a combination of the amount of time spent sitting and the posture and position you sit in.

To affect the amount of time, make sure to break up your work day every hour or so if possible, just to stretch or to walk. Get your body moving, even if only for a minute or two. Really stretch your back out, forwards, backward, and a twist from side to side.

For your posture, make sure you have good back support and are sitting with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. For the best possible posture, make sure you have an ergonomic workstation.


The most common symptoms are stiffness in the neck and back, as well as aching pains, or sharp pains, depending on the severity of your “office syndrome” and how much time you spend sitting at work.


If after modifying your behavior and posture, and even your desk or workstation, you are still suffering aches and pain and stiffness in your neck and back, there may be an underlying condition or one that is developing. Make an appointment with a back & neck specialist for a full exam to diagnose any condition that may exist.


For aches and pain, NSAIDs are the most commonly used treatment. Be careful not to only mask the pain, however. If the pain persists, go to a medical professional to be treated rather than simply masking those aches and pains.

At NY Bone & Joint Specialists, Dr. Michael Mizhiritsky, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is an expert in the treatment of back and neck conditions, as well as nerve conditions that may be the cause of back or neck pain. NYBJ also has Pain Management specialists and are always striving to make sure you are in the best possible health.

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