Should You Be Wearing A Back Belt Or Brace?

back belt weightlifing

Many rely on back belts when exercising, and many others at work. But, do they work? There is no definitive proof in medical literature one way or another.

Someone that has no back pain may wear a back belt to avoid or prevent injury. If the belt is tightened only during strenuous activity, it increases awareness of the lifting. However, it does not mean one can lift heavier objects. Back belts should be tightened for short periods of time because both belts and braces can weaken postural muscles if used for prolonged activities.

Proper body mechanics should still always be used when lifting. Belts and braces do not eliminate the need for proper posture and need for improved flexibility. There is no proof that braces help alleviate back symptoms, but they may provide some stability for acute painful episodes.

The best recommendations you can follow are to stay in shape, stretch daily, strengthen core muscles, and lift properly.

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