Soccer Injuries: Hamstring Pull or Tear

soccer injury

Soccer players often experience trouble with their hamstrings. Constant running and sprinting can cause overuse injuries to the hamstring. The hamstring is a tendon that runs down the back of the thigh and attaches to the knee flexor muscles. It’s common for the tendon to be pulled and strained at this spot when overused. A strain or minor tear alone can cause pain, but without treatment, it can become a larger tear or complete rupture that would cause serious damage to the tendon. To avoid surgery and recurrent injury, it’s important to prevent and treat hamstring injuries properly.

As soon as you feel pain in the back of your leg, you should stop playing soccer for a few days and ice the area as much as possible. It’s important to see an orthopedist or sports medicine doctor even if the pain subsides. While inflammation and pain may decrease, continuing to play on a pulled hamstring can cause it to rupture, which would require surgery to correct.
Often physical therapy is the most effective way to rehabilitate a pulled hamstring. Using modalities and massage, your sports medicine rehabilitation therapist can relieve pain in the leg. Your therapist will also show you stretches that will help your hamstring heal and regain range of motion. Once you’ve progressed, your physical therapist will guide you through soccer specific exercises and training to strengthen the muscles attached to the hamstring, preventing future strain on the tendon. Sports rehabilitation can help you improve your athletic performance by retraining your body to compensate for the injury and prevent it from occurring again.
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