Warriors’ Andrew Bogut Uncertain For Game 6


After playing only 7 minutes in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Warriors’ Center Andrew Bogut was carried off of the floor after colliding with the Cavs’ J.R. Smith.  The 7’1″ Bogut was noticeably in pain as he stayed down on the floor until the Warriors could call a timeout.  After that, he was seen hobbling back to the locker room with the help of two trainers and unable to put weight on the injured knee.

The injury was initially ruled a sprain but Bogut will undergo an MRI on Tuesday to assess the severity of the injury.  It is not certain whether or not he will play in Game 6 on Thursday in Cleveland.  Bogut is no stranger to injury and has been plagued by injury several times throughout his career including:

This most recent injury leaves questions as to whether or not he will play Game 6 or Game 7 as knee sprains can be simple or complex, depending upon the type of sprain.  Knee sprains have three “degrees” or “grades” of severity:

Grade 1 Knee Sprain:  With this injury only less than 10% of the fibers within the ligament are torn.  This type of sprain usually resolves with rest and avoiding bearing weight on the knee for several days.

Grade 2 Knee Sprain: With this injury more than 10% of the fibers within the ligament are torn and the ligament has become loose, but the ligament is still intact.  This type of sprain usually requires crutches and/or bracing to allow the ligaments to heal.

Grade 3 Knee Sprain:  With this injury the entire ligament completely torn into two or more pieces and the knee is unstable.  Generally, this grade of sprain requires a surgical procedure to repair the torn ligament.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just trying to stay fit, strains and sprains can happen due to overexertion or muscle fatigue.  If a sprain does occur, it is important to consult an orthopedic specialist so that this injury does not progress in severity.

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