Weightlifting Injuries: IT Band Syndrome

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The IT band is a piece of tissue that runs from our pelvis to the top of our shin bone. When the IT band is overworked it becomes tight and rubs against our thigh bone as we move. This causes symptoms such as:

  • Pain at the outer hip, knee, or leg
  • Swelling at the outer part of the hip
  • A snapping sound when moving the hip

IT band syndrome is an overuse injury that power lifters often encounter. The key to preventing IT band syndrome is to ensure you use proper posture when using the hip joints such as you do when squatting. Always make sure your knees are hip width apart and aligned with your toes when squatting.

Exercises that strenghten the glutes will also help take pressure off the IT band. If your glutes can better withstand your workout without tiring, you are less likely to overuse your IT band.

If you do feel tightness at the side of your leg, make sure to incorporate foam rolling into your workout routine. Roll the side of your leg, from hip to knee, along a foam roller before and after training to break up tension in the IT band.

If you still experience pain in the hip area, you should see an orthopedic hip specialist like Dr. Rupesh Tarwala. He treats all musculoskeletal injuries affecting the hip, knee, and leg and can help you overcome pain and weakness to perform at your fullest potential.

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