What Is A Bunion?

bunion pain

If you’ve noticed that your big toe has started to bend inward and has a bump near its joint, you may have a bunion. Bunions are common and painful bony bumps located on the inner side of the foot at the big toe joint. Pressure on the big toe can cause it to bend toward the second toe. This action will cause the bone to stick out and over time it may cause pain while wearing shoes or walking. Bunions can be hereditary, come about from rheumatoid arthritis, or arise simply from wearing tight fitting shoes.

Bunions will almost always cause pain and tenderness on the site. There could be redness and inflammation as well. You’ll feel that you aren’t able to move your big toe very well at all.

You should always see a podiatrist to diagnose the severity of your bunion and discuss the best treatment options for you. A simple and common way to alleviate bunion pain is to just wear the proper shoe. A wider shoe can provide more toe space which then relieves some of the pressure put on the big toe. You may also want to wear padding to cushion painful bunions, but be careful not to squeeze your toes into your shoes. Special shoe inserts can also be used to take pressure of the bunion but this varies from case to case. Ice or anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce swelling and reduce some of the pain. In more severe cases surgery can be the only other option, so be sure to visit your podiatrist as soon as possible.

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