Your Purse Is Causing More Damage Then You Think

purse is causing you injuries

Neck and back pain are by far the most common orthopedic conditions. And probably the most common way women strain their necks and pull their backs is by carrying a purse. While many patients seek some sort of treatment for back and neck pain, many are unaware that they are also causing significant damage to their shoulder joint by carrying a purse. Many women visit NY Bone and Joint Specialists when they’ve already sustained significant damage to the tissue in the neck and shoulder joint area.

Our shoulder joints are very mobile only because the joint is rather unstable. Our shoulder bone and clavicle hardly touch it, so our arm is mainly held in place by tendons. Imagine a purse that may weigh ten pounds or more pulling these tendons down for hours out of every day. I’m sure you’ve noticed your neck muscles tightening to compensate for this. When holding a bag on your shoulder, the tendons in your shoulder are being stretched, and the muscles of your upper trapezius are tight and strained. This will cause irritation and inflammation in all of the tissues in the area. On top of this, tightening one side of your neck will affect your posture, eventually causing misalignment of your back.

The solution? Most definitely lighten the load in your purse. But also opt for a backpack that will evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders when you can. Even a satchel style purse can help avoid extensive shoulder damage.

If you seek treatment for neck or back pain early, it can be easily managed with physical therapy. Keeping up with stretches and exercises at home can ensure that your muscles stay strong enough to support your shoulder. Dr. Leon E. Popovitz is a top rated shoulder surgeon and offers the highest quality conservative and surgical care for all orthopedic shoulder issues.

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