Biceps Tendon Repair


Should conservative treatments fail, chronic biceps tendonitis, biceps instability, or a completely torn biceps tendon can be repaired with a short arthroscopic surgery. It’s a particularly effective course of treatment for younger and more active patients, as well as workers whose jobs depend on their ability to lift heavy objects. The repair can target either the proximal or distal biceps tendon, though tears to the proximal tendon are more common.


There are several distinct approaches to biceps tendon repair, but every procedure shares the same goal: to reattach the proximal or distal biceps tendon to the radius, a prominent bone in the forearm. In general, the surgeon can repair the tendon with a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, though a small incision might be needed to complete the repair or reattachment.


Recovery timelines for proximal and distal biceps tendon repairs vary with the severity of the injury. As a minimally invasive procedure, however, it’s designed to hasten recovery while minimizing the risk of complications.


Generally, you can expect to return home shortly after surgery, but you will need to follow a few precautions to ensure a proper recovery. After the procedure, your surgeon will place your arm in a sling to keep the elbow at a ninety degree angle, preventing you from placing unnecessary strain on the repaired tendon. Any initial pain or inflammation should subside within a couple of weeks, and physical therapy can begin as soon as the sling is removed.

Recovery Time

The recovery period for proximal and distal biceps tendon repairs can vary depending on the extent of the procedure. After six weeks of rest, most patients can remove their brace or sling and begin a physical therapy program designed to redevelop the muscles and range of motion. After four to six months of physical therapy, you should be able to resume all activities.

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