What Is ‘Selfie Elbow’?

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Text neck, text thumb and iPad hand have all become common ailments over the past several years and all of these “conditions” seem to revolve around our incessant use of our phones, tablets and computers.  Now, we have another “condition” to add to the tech-med lexicon – “selfie elbow”.  That’s right, selfie elbow.

But is selfie elbow an actual medical condition?  Surprisingly, there is actual legitimacy to this condition but, it has less to do with our obsession with selfies and more to do with the biomechanics involved in taking a selfie.

Typically, most people extend their elbows all the way out in front of their body and then curl their wrist either inward or outward.  Simultaneously, they are squeezing the ends of the phone to keep a tight grip and make the phone stable. The tendons that extend from the elbows and hand were not intended to undergo these motions for extended periods of time or repetitively in a short span of time.

This unnatural motion and stress can lead to inflammation of the tendons, known as tendonitis.  When tendonitis affects the tendons of the elbow it is also commonly known as Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow.  Tendonitis can also affect the wrist and make it painful to grip or lift objects.   Another factor that can lead to tendonitis in the elbow and wrists is that our arms are constantly in use.  When we are at the office, we are using them to click, type, draw and write.  Once we are done at the office, we spend hours at night on our devices typing, texting and scrolling.

So while selfie elbow may become the newest tech buzzword, the condition is not new.  Thankfully, tendonitis is one of the most common conditions seen by Orthopedic Specialist and Physical Therapists and most cases subside with activity modification and physical therapy.


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