Partial Knee Replacement


A partial knee replacement consists of the removal of some of the knee joint, and the insertion of an artificial prosthesis in its stead. In contrast to a total knee replacement, only damaged tissues and structures are removed, with any healthy bone and cartilage left intact. As a result, it’s often an ideal treatment for less advanced cases of osteoarthritis or other degenerative conditions affecting the knee.


Partial knee replacement is a less invasive procedure, requiring only small incisions into the skin surrounding the affected part of the knee. During the procedure, the surgeon removes any damaged bone or cartilage from the tibia or femur, then inserts a metal or plastic implant molded to the shape of the patient’s joint.

After securely attaching the implant to the bone and realigning surrounding tissues and structures as needed, your surgeon will seal the incisions and dress them appropriately to ensure a quick recovery.


Partial Knee Replacement Recovery

Because it’s a less invasive procedure than a total knee replacement, partial knee replacement comes with shorter recovery timelines and a reduced risk of surgical complications. While most patients need to remain in the hospital for several days after the procedure, you’ll be able to walk with few restrictions as soon as you’re discharged. Physical therapy can also begin within a few days of surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement Recovery Time

While the recovery period for patients with a partially replaced knee can vary, it is generally much shorter than that necessitated by a complete replacement. Indeed, most patients can resume normal activities after three to six weeks. Complete recovery should follow after eight to ten weeks of physical therapy.

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