Simply Sitting Can Cause Your Back Pain

Simply Sitting Can Cause Your Back Pain

You wake up in the morning, back stiff and with a dull ache. You get to work, trying to feel ready for the day, but your back is still bothering you. Sitting down at your desk, catching up on emails from the weekend, you try to forget about it. By the end of the day, when you get home, your back is flaring up and causing you more pain than usual. What’s going on? You didn’t pull it while working out and you haven’t had to do any heavy lifting recently. You exercise and generally take good care of your body. What’s causing this pain?

There are many causes of back pain, some more subtle than others. Have you thought about the time you’re spending sitting? Maybe you sit for up to an hour on the train or in your car on the way to work. Is the majority of your work done sitting at a desk, answering emails, conducting business over the phone, or attending meetings? When you get home after work, do you once again sit down, this time in front of the television, perhaps?

The pressure put on the spine while sitting compresses your discs, which can cause loss of flexibility, and reduced blood flow and absorption of nutrients. The pressure can be even worse if you sit leaning forward. When you get up and move around, it decompresses the spine, allows for increased blood flow, and relieves the added pressure.

Luckily, there are simple choices you can make to add movement to your work day. You can take a call standing up, take a quick walk around the block, or just make sure you are changing your posture to an upright sitting position. Make sure your computer screen is at eye level at work, as part of a ergonomic work station. Find some easy stretches to do a few times throughout the work day. Forgo the seat on the train during your commute.

Always be listening to your body. When you feel tension, stiffness, and pain, it is your body signaling you. Bring any new concerns or developments to your doctor’s attention. It is better to find out what is causing you pain than to let it build up, or to lead damage that can cause a condition like a herniated disc. Don’t just mask pain with pain medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine, talk to your doctor to find a diagnosis and a solution for your pain.

At New York Bone and Joint Specialists, not only do we have best-in-class physical medicine and sports medicine, we also provide urgent care for your back and neck problems. If you are having discomfort and pain and think you may have suffered an injury, call us to be seen the same day.

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