Arthroscopic Bankart Repair/ Stabilization


A Bankart lesion (or Bankart tear) is a rupture of the cartilage or ligaments surrounding the socket of the shoulder joint. This injury destabilizes the entire shoulder and can lead to repeated dislocations. Generally caused by overuse or sudden trauma, the injury can be effectively treated with a short micro-invasive surgery called a Bankart repair.


What Is a Bankart Repair?

A Bankart procedure is designed to repair the torn labrum in the shoulder and any ligaments supporting it. In some cases, it’s also conducted to prevent future dislocations by tightening and reattaching the labrum. Since the labrum can’t heal by itself, these actions are needed to stabilize the shoulder and minimize the risk of further damage.


Bankart repairs are generally performed arthroscopically. As a minimally invasive procedure, it’s an outpatient surgery, with patients leaving the hospital on the day of the surgery.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make several small pinhole incisions into the skin surrounding the shoulder, inserting a small camera through one of these incisions to better view the joint while operating on it through the other opening. After mending any tears in the cartilage and ligaments, your surgeon will seal the incisions with absorbable sutures and dress them as needed.


As a form of arthroscopy, Bankart repairs are intended to minimize the risk of surgical complications and shorten recovery times. After the procedure, you’ll need to revisit your orthopedic specialist within a week or two of the procedure to assess progress, rest your arm in a sling for two to four weeks, and take anti-inflammatories as needed.

You then can begin a physical therapy program designed to rebuild the muscles and ligaments in the shoulder and restore its range of motion. Most patients can resume daily activities within two to three weeks of surgery, begin driving within four weeks, and play most non-contact sports within twelve weeks — though professional athletes and any patients whose jobs depend on heavy lifting may need five months to resume strenuous activities. In general, patients can expect a complete recovery within five months.

With decades of combined experience in arthroscopic surgery, the talented team of specialists at New York Bone and Joint has the skills and expertise needed to guide you through your Bankart repair and recovery. We will work to develop the course of treatment that’s right for you, promoting a swift recovery while reducing the risk of complications.



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