Do I Need To See A Doctor For Back Pain?

Do I Need To See A Doctor For Back Pain?

We’ve all had back pain at one point or another and it’s more likely than not that your back pain keeps coming back. Oftentimes, patients see back pain as something that’s a natural result of sitting at work or being active and don’t receive treatment.

Unfortunately, without treatment back pain can become constant and be debilitating later on in life. The good news is, physical therapy is not only the most conservative but often the most effective way to treat and then prevent back pain.

It’s likely that your back pain is originating from unavoidable tasks like sitting at a desk for long periods of time, standing throughout your work day, or heavy lifting. This chronic type of back pain is caused by tight or strained back muscles or pinched nerves. After an orthopedist has evaluated your back to ensure that there is not a more serious underlying issue, you can begin physical therapy.

With manual therapy, your therapist will alleviate tension and stretch the muscles causing your pain. Your therapist can describe which muscles are causing you pain and what positions or actions are causing you to strain them. You will also learn stretches that can help alleviate tension gradually and safely for your body. Custom exercises will also help you build strength in specific muscles that will help support your spine and prevent further pain. The most important part about seeking treatment for your back pain is making changes to your lifestyle. Learning how to stretch and exercise correctly will help treat your pain. However, it is important to incorporate suggestions your orthopedist or therapist makes about preventing further issues. This could include fixing your posture or periodically interrupting long periods of sitting at your desk. These steps are crucial for promoting spine health and keeping back pain from affecting your daily life.

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